glass of protein shake

glass of protein shake

It’s challenging to choose a meal plan which includes meal replacement shakes for your weight loss journey. While prioritizing something with low calories, you’ll also want to look for a shake that has vitamins and minerals

However, not every meal replacement shake is suitable for everyone. For instance, if you have gluten sensitivity, you’ll need to choose a gluten-free option. Similarly, for vegetarians, a vegan meal replacement shake is the only option. 

With all these various kinds of replacement shakes, you might get overwhelmed. So, today, let’s overview 8 of the best meal replacement shakes that you can include in your meal plan. Chances are, one of these might suit your particular diet conditions.

ViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Shake

There’s less than one gram of sugar in every serving of this shake. Also, there aren’t any empty sugar calories which make this shake a sustainable source of energy. What’s more, it doesn’t taste as bitter or bland as you’d expect something without sugar to be.

RSP TrueFit

This meal replacement shake is a comprehensive blend of fruits and vegetables. Consuming this, you’ll be able to skip a meal and still get the necessary vitamins and minerals due to the twelve non-GMO fruits and veggies.  Moreover, these fruits and vegetables deliver sixteen vital minerals and vitamins that help your body stay active for longer and cut extra weight.

CLICK Coffee Protein

CLICK coffee protein mix is a double shot of authentic espresso.  It can be a replacement for your caffeine as you’ll be cutting out all the empty calories of coffee without losing out on espresso.

GNC Total Lean Shake

This meal replacement shake is famous for reducing cholesterol and weight loss. If you are distressed because of high cholesterol and want to cut down on extra fat, Total Lean Shake is a great choice.

SlimFast Meal Replacement Powder Shake

Slimfast shake is ranked amongst the best protein shake for weight loss. Even today, it provides the best value for those who’re looking for a low-calorie meal replacement shake.

The Slender Blend

The Slender Blend is low in carbohydrates and calories but consists of protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. The added protein and probiotics aid digestion and boost the health of your gut in this meal replacement shake.

SCI-MX Nutrition Muscle Meal Leancore

If you’re trying to gain muscle mass quickly, you’ll usually use high-protein supplements with traditional meals. With the SCI-MX Nutrition Muscle Meal Leancore shake, you can do all that and more. 

This meal replacement shake comprises the correct protein to carb ratio per serving and all the calories needed to help you build muscle.


Huel is an amazing meal replacement shake that is as nutritionally complete as possible. It provides all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that your body needs in tremendous amounts. It’s not a mere low-calorie meal replacement shake; it contains 400 calories per 100g serving, making it an easy consideration when you need some fast nutrients delivered to your body.